League of War: VR Arena

For LOW: VR Arena, I was UI/UX Lead for the project. My responsibilities included:

  • Developing and testing the UX flow.
  • Creating prototypes and wireframes of UI/ UX elements to test within the VR space.
  • Working with the Design team to understand the design goals and needs for the project to better the UX flow.
  • Setting up all UI content in Unity and then passing off to engineering.
  • Monitor focus tests and apply results to improve the UX flow.
  • Manage other artists on the team and delegate tasks to meet project deadline.
  • Work with Publisher to submit all marketing and asset needs for Sony store, Paris Games Week, PAX West, PSX, and retail kiosks.

UX Summit- GDC 2018

I will be giving a presentation called the "UI/UX of Creating Your Mobile Game in VR" this spring at GDC. After GDC, presentation materials regarding the UI/UX process will released here.